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Jon Wozencroft, graphic designer, Touch label runner.

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Jon Wozencroft from ESAD art + design on Vimeo.

Jon Wozencroft opines on graphic design and the attendant ideation process

I review music, namely electronic and experimental, since 2000. Some months I would get 30 compact discs to review and all sorts of album art would flicker across my view, yet what kept getting my attention were releases on the UK-based Touch label. Their technique tends to be a striking photo spread across a jewel case or sleeve with artfully-placed text comprised of elegant typeface. With the deluge of media that flows across my desk and screens, it takes a lot to grab my attention and pause. Jon Wozencroft, Touch label lead and designer knows how to grab my attention at least when it comes to art work.

It is well worth listening to a design master and instructor like Wonzencroft talk about graphic design. Though I do not always grasp the connections he makes, there are some nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned. "Pattern recognition...if you can work that out for yourselves...early in your're going to be very, very, very much in demand."

Some of my favorite music releases of all time, including the art, are on the Touch label, including New Order's Video 5-8-6 and Rafael Toral's Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance. Other examples of Touch cover art can be found here.

Album cover Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance by Rafael Toral